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Oct 29, 2010


SUDOTECK released application Dclock for iOS.
This application is simple CLOCK display by Dot .
Version 1.00

1) Display MODE

When you launch Dclock ,
you can see Year ,Date and Time .

Second display will move up and down slowly .And you see " Show STATUS Bar " Button below ,The STATUS Bar was hidden .
In this mode ,your iPhone ,iPod ,iPad will not SLEEP !
You MUST use with Power CHARGER in this mode.
2)Check MODE

Press "Show STATUS Bar" Button , youcan see STATUS Bar .
And Button will cange to " Hide STATUS Bar " .
In this MODE your iPhone,iPod,iPad can SELLP .
3) Version 1.0
Dclock does not have any TIMER ,ALARM function .
You must set Alarm with default CLOCK Application ,if you need .

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